The Buffaloes



Chris "Chip" Frantz

Chris (Lead Vocals,Rhythm Guitar,Ukulele and Harmonica) is the man guilty of initially putting together The Buffaloes some 20 years ago following his passion for music, singing and playing the guitar. Thanks to his large family he loves all genres of music, wide and varied - from Country to Rock n' Roll and is a great fan of 60's music and The Beatles.Chris says " I feel blessed that being from a large family we had a great record collection so I grew up listening to all types of music.We were always encouraged to listen to music so we had music playing all the time!"

Chris at present plays an Ovation Celebrity semi-acoustic guitar on stage but also plays ukulele and harmonica. He has the heavy responsibility each week of selecting the tunes for each gig, depending on the occasion and venue.He is the one responsible for bringing in new songs,"it's a frightening thing,your kind of bearing your soul and are at your weakest! Not all work and we'll know that straight away.Being the lead singer this is important because your're singing the songs.Rock 'n' Roll's great fun but I enjoy singing ballads.As much as the fun party stuff is important,ballads bring a nice romanticism to a performance".Chris holds the record for holding a note the longest in The Buffaloes-when the band started gigging he had a 10 note in his wallet..and is still there to this day !

On the personal side, Chris lives in Ashurst Wood and is the proud father of a teenage son Dhani, along with a cat called Leo and a tank full of tropical fish, all of which take up most of his spare time when not gigging.




Chris Pritchard

Chris (Lead Guitar,Pedal Steel and Backing Vocals) has been playing music since it was invented, and not only has an interest in all periods of music, but was there when they were happening!

Sporting a wide variety of electric and acoustic guitars, Chris likes a wide spectrum of sounds and is also one of the few people in the area to play the pedal steel guitar as well.

When not fixing instruments or amplifiers Chris,who lives with his partner in Horley loves spending time with his labrador and all the other dogs that they meet when out on their walkies.He has to be one of the nicest people you're ever likely to meet!




Robert Ainsworth

As a child, Rob (Bass Guitar and Backing Vocals) wanted to be a drummer. However, as he got older,he thought that he'd better learn an instrument and hit on the bass. After months of practising in his bedroom he managed to master a few bass lines and joined his first band aged 15.

Fast forward to 1998 and during one particularly boozy evening Rob noticed an ad in the local paper for a band looking for a bass player. The long and the short of it was that the bass gear was dragged out of the loft and after almost 20 years and hundreds of gigs later, Rob is still pounding the bass for The Buffaloes.Rob spends hours perfecting his backing vocals,hair and make-up! Both he and Dave are the 'engine-room section for the band.Watch Rob very carefully during live might be very lucky and catch him smile! He is The Buffaloes 'sound technician' and when it comes to the sound balance,an extreme perfectionist!

Rob's bass playing influences are many and varied.

As a child of the sixties, Rob's other major musical influence is The Beatles."I remember, as a kid, that when The Beatles hit the scene they blew the competition away. There was nothing to touch them and their music made everything else sound so jaded and out of touch. In the UK we had been copying the sounds that were coming over from the USA for years but with The Beatles it really was a case of Britain giving America a touch of something new which has created a musical influence that still lives on today.

Rob has two daughters and a teenage son."They try to keep me young but I'm not so sure they're succeeding". Rob lives in Coulsdon with his partner Tina.




Dave Frantz

Dave (Drums and Percussion) who describes himself as "a boy in a man's body" became drummer for The Buffaloes after meeting with the bands ex drummer who told him he was selling his kit. He is mainly self taught but did have a couple of lessons - his tutor was so impressed he wanted Dave to join an orchestra but thankfully Dave choose the path of Rock 'n' Roll.

He loves to play live but really dislikes rehearsing ! A happy divorcee , he now loves to laugh and have fun.He lives on his own and spends most of his spare time walking in the countryside with his two best friends - Jack Russell Terriers Buddy and Chico. When at home he likes watching movies and TV dramas,eating hot,spicy curries and eating loads of sweets!

Favourite music to listen to includes Roxy Music ,The 801 Band,Brian Eno,The Beatles and Frank Zappa ,he is also a big fan of Country Music- favourites being Sawyer Brown,Jesse Winchester,Jerry Jeff Walker and Hal Ketchum. Dave at present plays Tama drums with Stagg Cymbals.